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Body of Wisdom: Mindfulness Practices for Sacred Self-Care

mindfulness practices for self-care

You can’t save the world when you’re running on empty.

Do you have a calling to do good work in the world?

Whether your field of activity reaches a global audience or is tucked away in quiet service, chances are your attention is focused outward more than it is on your own needs.

That can be an expression of beautiful and generous qualities. It can also be a default position.

Let’s face it, the whole concept of self-care is a charged one.

There are voices in your head saying there’s no time, people are depending on you, it’s selfish, you’ll never get up again, it’s wrong to focus on yourself instead of others.

People are depending on you, yes. And there are times when the nature of their need overrides everything else. But what happens when those moments pass? From what I’ve seen, the more caring and responsible of a person you are, the more likely it is that you don’t you give yourself the self-care you need.

Stress can become a badge of honor. Do you really think racing around in a state of overwhelm proves you’re better, you work harder, and you care more than the people around you?

As to selfishness… Aside from the toll it takes on your own body, mind and spirit, ignoring your need for self-care steals your capacity to be strongly, creatively, and lovingly present in the world.

When you’re deeply depleted it’s easy to be afraid you’ll want to lie in a hammock for the rest of your life. So what do most people do? Ignore the inner cry for sanctuary, becoming more stressed and less effective until something collapses entirely.

This benefits no one.

It’s Time To Change All That. Starting NOW

What if the voices in your head were your most powerful allies for self-care?

How would your life be different if you engaged in self-care as a natural practice of mindfulness instead of the exhaustion emergency relief it too often becomes?

If you could turn your self-care into a prayer for others, how would your experience change?

This program will show you how.


Body of Wisdom: Mindfulness Practices for Sacred Self-Care

A 4-part dynamic and experiential teleclass. October 7, 14, 21, 28

Here’s what you’ll learn

Class 1: Body of Wisdom – 4 Stages of Knowing

There are reasons you don’t give yourself the same attention you give to others.

You may think it’s selfish or you have too many things on your plate and no time to rest. You have other beliefs, too, buried beneath your conscious awareness.

In our first class we’ll give all your reasons a chance to be heard. Using a meditative inquiry process you’ll be able to listen without judgement or resistance. You’ll be amazed to discover what stands between you and self care.

Using the same contemplative process, you’ll understand what is lost when you don’t give yourself the care you need and what becomes possible when you do. I can’t tell you how powerful this process is. You’ll have to experience it for yourself!

By the end of the first class you’ll know not only your personal messages, but you’ll establish a felt sense in your body of what self care means to you and why it’s right for you to have it.

Class 2: Mindfulness and Sacred Self-Care

Most of us have taken Emergency Days Off in times of necessity. Some of us have needed weeks, months or even years when we became so depleted that self care was required, not optional.

Whether you’re trying to keep exhaustion at bay, are already living with an acute situation or want to be kind to yourself before getting to either of these stages, Class 2 will give you the tools you need.

Building on the awareness gained from our first class, you’ll discover what you need to feed your body, mind and spirit. You can do it regardless of finances, responsibilities or other limitations.

Too many self care recommendations (schedule a massage, take a vacation) fail in part because they’re individual events. They add to the sense of frenzy “hurry and rest!” instead of becoming part of your natural flow. By the end of this class you’ll have a start on making self care an ongoing practice of mindfulness and delight.

Class 3: Special guest! Award-winning singer, healer, Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre.

Brenda and I are still working out the details of this call. One thing we know for sure, it will include one of Brenda’s spontaneous healing songs especially for our group.

Class 4: Selfless Self-Care

When your life-work includes a genuine wish to help others self-care is probably harder for you than it is for most people.

If you’re coming from a spiritual basis, you have strong beliefs against putting yourself ahead of others. Even if your more of an activist-type, it’s hard to take time for self care when you know others are struggling in ways far more serious than anything you’ll ever face.

In our 3rd class, we’ll look at the impact of your self care on others. We tend to think taking care of ourselves means not taking care of others, but you’ll easily discover that’s not the case. Even if you’re at a stage where you need intense self care, you’ll see how you can still feel of benefit others.

By the end of the class we’ll have dissolved the line between self and others all together. You’ll leave with mindfulness practices that extend love, compassion and care to all beings. You’ll discover how every act of self care can become prayer.

Plus! Bonus Recording with special guest Jennifer Louden

Comfort Queen, Jennifer Louden joins me in a heart to heart on Self-Care and Saving the World. Jennifer recently took time for a digital sabbatical and came back with a passion to change the world. Whatever we talk about, it’s sure to be a spirited conversation.

Ready to know more? Here’s How It Works

Body of Wisdom is a 4-part dynamic and experiential learning teleclass.

We’ll meet on a telephone conference line. No special equipment is required. Just call the telephone number you receive after you register. (I’ll send reminder updates with the number before our class meets) That’s all there is to it. You’ll receive complete call in information.

  • Program dates: Thursdays, October 7, 14, 21, and 28
  • Call times are 8pm Eastern Standard Time. (Check your time zone here.)
  • Classes will meet for 75 minutes. That includes time for pure content, experiential exercises, and Q & A.
  • I’d love to have you on the live calls. You’ll have access to recordings if you need or prefer that mode of discovery.
  • We’ll have a lively (password protected) secret page where you can ask questions and share discoveries.
  • You’ll receive worksheets playsheets (?) exploratoriums (!) to enrich your experience.
  • Think of it as a delicious self-care buffet. Enjoy it all or select only those bits that feed you the most.

Decision Time

I hope I’ve given you enough information to know if this Body of Wisdom program is right for you.

If some tiny cell in your body glimmers with hope that you might actually take time to listen… If stress, headaches or fatigue have been weighting down your natural exuberance… If you’re ready to give yourself permission to take care of yourself for the benefit of yourself and others…

Click the Add to Cart button and join us!

Program cost $97.


If you’re wondering what makes me such an expert on sacred self-care, let me tell you. I had a work injury in 1989 that left me with a brain injury. I gave 9 years of my life to hospital and out-patient rehabilitation and I’m still affected by my disability every single day. Two years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune illness and adrenal fatigue.

Everything you have ever thought about self-care, needing it, ignoring it, resenting it, seeing how it affects your view of yourself — trust me, I have been there.

As a practicing Buddhist, I’ve also been though enormous conflicts of putting myself ahead of others, something that is in direct opposition to the teachings… Until I took time to contemplate and deeply understand the message. I have also discovered ancient Tibetan teachings that say our bodies are filled with deities and sacred texts. I’ll share some of that with you during the program.

Finally and most important, I have learned to love and be mindful of self-care because it supports the pure flow of energy to bring the good I want to do into being.

Discover how your life changes, and how you change the lives of others when you learn to take sacred self-care.

Don’t wait. Click that Add to Cart button and join us.